Custom Sheriff Badges

Sheriff badges show leadership and outstanding merit in your department. The rest of the department and citizens in the city, county or state rely on the sheriff for protection and city management. Creative Culture Insignia, LLC makes custom badges and sheriff stars that show this high-ranking position and signal to others the wearer can be counted on.

Custom sheriff badges should stand out from deputy and officer badges, though they should still be recognizable as a part of the department. Historically, a star is used for sheriff badge design and this pattern is still used widely today. Some sheriff badges use a star shape exclusively, while others use a circle around the star. Others use an oval pattern with stars engraved on the shield. Whatever custom sheriff badges you are looking for, Creative Culture Insignia, LLC will help you with any custom sheriff badge design.

Take a look at the gallery for examples of sheriff badges across the nation. To recreate a badge or redesign a badge, contact us today.

Sheriff Badge Designs