Custom Police Badges

Citizens depend on their police forces to keep them safe. Police badges show citizens where to turn when there is an emergency and also signify to other officers what department and rank an officer holds. Creative Culture Insigni, LLC a designs and manufactures custom police badges for sale with your choice of shapes and symbols so you can showcase your rank and department proudly. Our custom manufacturing allows us to create a custom police badge for every member of your department.

Police badges, sheriff badges, detective badges and others can be designed with any shape and can include any markings, including symbols of rank, coat-of-arms, emblems, honors and more. Our customized and attention to detail allows is to create unique and high quality insignia for your department. We can recreate previous police badges to give you polished new piece or we can help you redesign an emblem for a more modern and unique look.

See the collection of law enforcement badges to view examples of our past work. Tell us about the police badges you are looking for and provide us with images so we can get started on your new custom design.

Police Badge Designs