Coins & Medallions

Challenge coins are a legendary item among law enforcement and military groups. These coins represent a certain squadron or precinct to which the owner belongs. All allies within the same group have the same coins, so each person can recognize another in their same group. Creative Culture Insignia, LLC designs and makes law enforcement challenge coins and military challenge coins from groups across the U.S. as well as internationally.

Challenge coins have been used throughout history to show camaraderie and authenticity. The name originates from a tradition of “challenging” the owner of the coin, where the coin would prove to the challenger that the owner belonged to an allied squad. Coins and medallions are used to honor dutiful service and acts of heroism, and show the bonds between members of the group. Military coins may show the unit number and special symbols associated with the unit, while law enforcement coins show whom the precinct number, state, city or motto. Coins are an excellent way to reward achievement within an organization.

Order custom coins for your military squad or department. Contact us and we will help you design a challenge coin for you and your colleagues.

Coin & Medallion Designs