About Our Company

CCI was created in July of 2007.

As owner and creator of Creative Culture Insignia, LLC, I have been working in the Public Safety Field and Corporate industry for 22+ years.  I have an extensive background in manufacturing and customer service.  This being said I take great pride at sharing this experience with all our employees.

My philosophy at CCI, LLC is that you can never be too creative or artistic for our customers.    We strive to work with our customers and build the trust necessary for a good working relationship.  With this  company philosophy  trust, honesty, integrity is developed in our working relationship with our clients.  With this philosophy in mind CCI, LLC was created to better provide a company with the above values to bring about better customer service and trust.

Our team at CCI, LLC strive to bring a feeling of family and friends to the table, if you are a current customer then you know this to be true, and if you are a potential customer, please give us a chance.  We are not perfect by any means, and during 2020 we had some challenges that we are slowly but surely overcoming.  We are here and strong and OPEN FOR BUSINESS (even if our public offices and showroom are closed to the public) Just until All of the world catches up on recovering.


Rochelle Groveau


Rochelle GroveauI started my path in this industry by working for my brother Rocky’s small business when I was 12, back in 1974. Selling and helping his customers. I was having so much fun working and talking with people, that I knew then I would work with the public.

I come from a long line of Family members serving in Public Safety. My father was in the Navy and also a Police Officer for 32 years in California. One brother is a retired Cop, another was an Entrepreneur, I have three cousins all Firemen. So it is literally in my family genetics to work in the Law Enforcement & Public Safety industry.

I moved to Utah in 1991 to be closer to family, and found myself once again working in Sales and Customer Service. I moved from Customer Service Manager, Inventory specialist, manufacturing, to eventually Sales Manager. So I have worn many hats in my career, and taken professional and life lessons from each and every one of them.

The road to owning my own company CCI, LLC, came about in a surprising way. I was working for one of my competitors and I hated the direction the company was going, I had already realized that I loved this industry and people, and I always had the Entrepreneur spirit, so in 2007 I started my own company. This year 2023 marks my small businesses 16th Anniversary.  And there is No looking back, as I have been able to finally grow and hire the right people. With my Family and Loved ones support, every day just gets better and better.

Life is good and I am truly blessed. Plus time flies when you love what you do!