Custom Fire Department Badges

Creative Culture Insignia, LLC designs and manufactures custom fire department badges for firefighters across the nation. Fire department patches and badges are marks of honor that should reflect the bravery and committed service of each firefighter. Using the images and design preferences you provide, we strive to make each firefighter badge design a proud and celebrated symbol.

Fire badges vary from department to department and city to city. Some use the traditional Maltese Cross on their emblems, as well as letters and other markings that display their city and their colors. Others use patriotic symbols like national or state flags, while others showcase a motto. We can help create any custom design, whether you are looking for something new for a newly created department or you are looking to update fire department current patches and badges.

Contact us and tell us what you are looking for in your patches or badges. We’ll give you a design that matches your department and create matching badges and patches for your entire team.

Fire Badge Designs