Custom Made Patches

Custom patches are carefully embroidered symbols you can attach to your uniform. Creative Culture Insignia, LLC provides a wide array of custom embroidered patch designs including police, sheriff, fire, corporate patch design and others. From traditional shields and American flags to more specific patches for your uniform, we can help make any patch you need.

Different custom patches are worn by different departments. Patches may include the icon or symbol of your department, the coat-of-arms of your state, a motto, name or other text or images. Send us your images and we’ll help you put any symbols, icons or text together into one distinctive patch. Whether you need one patch for a distinguished position, a patch for your entire department, or a different patch for a hobby or business, we can help.

Contact us and send us your pictures to get started on your patch design. Once we have your design, we send you a proof so you can make any changes.

Patch Designs