Mailing Address

Creative Culture Insignia, LLC
4646 South 3500 West
Suite #2
West Haven, UT 84401

Phone: (801) 731-6301
Fax: (801) 731-6733

Our Staff

Rochelle Groveau
Founder and Owner
Cell: (801) 529-2650

Scott Pearson
Sales Rep. – Fire Specialist Sales Mgr
Cell: (801) 647-1747

Randy Bartlett
(Ret. Sheriff) Sales Mgr, Law Enforcement Specialist
Cell: (801) 686-5405

Chad Groveau
Inside Sales, Customer Service, Shipping/Receiving Manager

Chelsea Groveau
Support Staff & Order Processing

Tiffany Knighton
Order Processing and Customer Service

Aimee Lindeman
Receptionist and Customer Service


Creative Culture Insignia helps officials stand out with distinction and pride through custom law enforcement badges, patches and other symbols. Using individual images and customizing each badge to suit the department and the wearer, we give you a recognizable symbol citizens can count on. Our custom badges showcase exceptional clarity, quality, color and three-dimensional design that each official is proud to wear.

In our custom manufacturing process, we make the symbols and signs that show what department an officer is a part of, their rank, honors and more. Law enforcement patches, badges and other indicators show an officer’s authenticity to citizens and also to other law enforcement agencies. We carefully design and manufacture each badge so it reflects the authority and service of your department.

Contact us to design custom badges for your police station, fire department, military outfit and other groups. Send us your pictures, tell us about your design and we will create custom badges, patches, medals and more.